Monday, June 02, 2008

Remember This One?

I'm back!

I'm back after a little over a week at the beach - where I didn't even go out ON the beach because of my Fred Flinstone-like feet. Oh, summer babies, how you change us so! I just couldn't quite bring myself to blog and visit you guys as much while there (slow Internet connection partly to blame), and guess what? Now I've returned with a horrible head cold (that no one else seems to have caught), and I'm pretty sure that cooking and baking for other people would NOT be the polite thing to do.

So you get a cop-out, er, catch-up post.

Remember this homemade tomato sauce from last summer? Well, it took me quite awhile to break out a jar and try it - and again, that's mostly to blame on my little one who has made me very sick for a very long time. (But that'll all be over in a few short weeks!) Let me just tell you what: This sauce is awesome. And it was so nice to have a ready-made meal! (All I did was brown and add some ground turkey to it and of course boiled the pasta.) It was so delicious and flavorful.

Since it's almost summer I HIGHLY recommend you guys try canning some of it yourselves! I know I'll be making more than four jars of it this summer so we can enjoy this delicious meal all year long!